«5 scientific techniques
Neuromarketing Master Class:
activate the "buy” button in the consumer's mind»
Fundamental theory
Current scientific data and research results
Knowledge about behavioral economics for your business
A master class for
top executives
marketing specialists
brand managers
content marketers
The result: banner blindness, scattered attention, blocking the impact of triggers that used to work. And a critical drop in the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
Why do you need neuromarketing?
Competition in the market is tougher than ever.
Between 2009 and 2022, the amount of information humans process has increased 55 times!
Protecting itself from overload, the brain creates filters.
For sales to grow, entrepreneurs and marketing specialists need to create effective campaigns that can stand out from the crowd.
you will learn about the mechanisms of the brain, make it easy for customers to agree to a purchase.
During this master class,
Get 5 effective tools to influence the buyer, which have proven their effectiveness in practice and are used by leading corporations of our time.
Do not miss the opportunity to gain the experience of well-known companies that your competitors do not know about in order to surpass them many times.
But this cannot be done without understanding the processes that take place in the buyer's brain.
At the master class you will know:
What is neuromarketing?
Advantages of neuromarketing over classical marketing.
Key neuromarketing tools.
How neuromarketing research is conducted.
How to use neuromarketing in business to increase sales.
For whom the master class will be useful:
For entrepreneurs and TOP executives
For experienced marketing specialists and brand managers
You will learn how the largest corporations optimize marketing strategies and expenses in order to increase conversions, take a stable position in the market and attract new customers.
Get acquainted with the methods of influencing the subconscious of customers to increase sales and create deep emotional connections with the audience. You will learn how to build hypotheses that will definitely work.
For copywriters, content marketers and designers
You will understand how to create semantic content and visuals that influence customers' emotions and decisions.
Elina Chernyavskaya
Co founder, CEO of Neuromarketing company in UAE NEUROvision marketing&PR co
Entrepreneur and top manager with 15 years of experience (medicine, education, trade, production, business consulting, crypto projects).
4 higher education degrees, including neuroscience studies at Harvard
Neurocoach and mentor to entrepreneurs on strategic development and scaling
Speaker at federal and international platforms of business communities, large companies and business accelerators
Author of own courses and programmes on business scaling, resourcing, implementation and efficiency
Use the experience of companies that have implemented neuromarketing to improve the efficiency of their business
Business areas for which neuromarketing is becoming a necessary part of development and promotion:
Medical and health technologies
Business ecosystems
Financial technologies (fintech)
Eco-technologies: waste recycling, water and air purification
Environmentally oriented businesses
Innovation in agro-industry
Oil and gas industry
Artificial Intelligence
Scientific innovations
IT solutions for B2C/B2B sectors
Innovative developments in fashion
Apply the experience of the largest companies to multiply the growth of your own business.
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