Module 1
Introduction to Neuromarketing
Lesson 1.1
How the brain works
Lesson 1.2
How we make decisions
Lesson 1.3
What is neuromarketing?
How is it different from
regular marketing?
Lesson 1.4
Scope of neuromarketing and why it should be part of your business
Lesson 1.5
Successful cases of neuromarketing application
Module 3
Research methods and tools in neuromarketing
Lesson 3.1
The Altman metamorphic model. Priming. Methods of neuroimaging. EEG
Lesson 3.2
Research methods in neuromarketing. Neuroimaging and EEG
Lesson 3.3
Eytracker. The study of
Lesson 3.4
Dynamic Visual Content Research: Cinema and Advertising
Lesson 3.5
Neuroexamination of retail space in ordinary and virtual reality
Lesson 3.6
UX|UI Research using Neuromarketing tools
Module 2
Influencing consumers in neuromarketing
Lesson 2.1
Consumer typology and behavior patterns
Lesson 2.2
How to work with consumer emotions
Lesson 2.3
The influence of color on consumer’s behavior
Lesson 2.4
The effect of smell on consumer’s behavior
Lesson 2.5
The influence of sound on consumer’s behavior
Lesson 2.6
Light, texture, shape and location of objects
Module 4
How to create a neuromarketing strategy for business
A neuromarketing strategy for business is created based on two types of research: real data and evidence-based results. This process includes several stages, starting with the analysis of the current position of the product and ending with the analysis of the results of the implementation of the strategy.

By studying this material, you will gain an understanding of the main stages of developing a neuromarketing strategy, including analyzing the audience and competitors, formulating business goals, and also learn about the use of the eyetracking method for analyzing emotional reactions of consumers and testing advertising materials.

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