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We DO - they BUY
We use modern neuro-marketing equipment. We capture the subconscious and emotional reaction of your client to any type of marketing content

We eliminate distortions and negative associations that prevent a potential client from making a purchase at the level of unconscious reactions and enhance business results

We use the scientific data we received to create 100% effective marketing strategies, packaging, advertising, offers, promotion
We determine the facial expressions and emotions of the client when interacting with marketing and the company's product / service
Tracking the trajectory, the duration of the movement and the points of fixation of the gaze in the space / product / content
We read bodily and skin reactions: pulse, heartbeat, breathing
We measure the unconscious reactions of the brain and analyze the degree of involvement, interest and willingness to make a purchase
Examining unconscious reactions
for any type of marketing content
Advertising offers, naming, site texts, packaging, presentation scripts, videos, funnels, sales scripts
Packaging, branding, design, colors, fonts, animation
Intros, audio logos, voice acting, soundtracks

Packaging, product materials
Tactile perception
Exhibition and trade halls, grocery shelves, stands, lobbies, halls, urban spaces
Offline spaces
VR–games, metaverses
Online spaces
Application interfaces, sites, services, usability
Fragrances of brands, spaces, products

Video materials: commercials, games, lessons and lectures, commercial content
Get an effective neuromarketing strategy
with a 99% predictable result and strengthen your company's position in the market.

Conversion growth 100% guaranteed
in your business with the use of a scientific approach and modern neuromarketing equipment.
We work with
Products and brands

Trade and exhibition centers
Food production
Fashion brands
Technical equipment
IT, crypto projects, online business
Blockchain / crypto projects
IT applications / services
VR spaces
Restaurants / Catering
Educational and entertainment centers
Medical clinics
Beauty Salons
Classic Marketing
As it deals with the human mind, it acquires 5% of all available information
To analyze the opinion of the target audience, it is necessary to interview over 100 people
80% of survey participants “lie” out of a desire to look "better" and under the influence of the environment
Conclusions for marketing decisions are based on a subjective opinion: “I think so, it seems to me that...”
The respondent may think that he liked the product. But if the product caused stress at the unconscious reactions level of the brain, it will never be bought.
Works with the unconscious part of the human brain and gathers 95% of all available information

To analyze the opinion of the target audience, it is necessary to test 10-30 people
99% of the results accuracy is provided by the study of the reactions for 30 respondents
Conclusions for marketing decisions are built on the basis of scientific data and automatic brain impulses fixed on technological equipment. No thinking brain involved.
Neuromarketing research does NOT involve the analytical part of the brain, so participants cannot lie.
Accuracy of research sums up to 20%
Accuracy of test results up to 99%
We see the
honest reaction of the client to your product and marketing
from 1 second of interaction
Companies that use neuromarketing

Neuromarketing Research Tools

Depending on the goals for each study, we select an individual set of equipment. Our laboratory in the UAE has:
Shows the work of the client's brain and his readiness to make decisions, incentives, reaction speed, degree of response.
Shows the movement of the eyes, the focus of the gaze, the continuity of the perception of the plot, recognition.
Shows vegetative reactions, electrical activity of the skin, respiratory rate and heart rate.
Shows emotional reactions, level of involvement, interest, response mood.
Emotion analyzer
We analyze reactions to viewing the tested content
We make practical recommendations
to strengthen your company's marketing strategy
We implement these recommendations together with you.

Services NEUROvision marketing & PR co
Neuromarketing Research
Integrated marketing solutions
We determine the unconscious reactions of the target audience to your products to strengthen the business strategy, increase sales, improve brand loyalty
We create effective marketing strategies and amplify the results of your marketing decisions
Neuromarketing research for VR
Business packaging
We analyze user behavior in metaverses and games. We determine effective positions for placing commercial objects in VR space
We launch hypotheses in your business, the success of which is confirmed by neuromarketing analysis
Relocation and business adaptation
Creating and testing websites
We bring business to the market, taking into account the mentality and needs of new segments of the target audience
We create high-converting websites and strengthen your current sites based on neuroscience
Creating the best advertising campaigns
Video production
Commercials, banners, offers. We help you to be remembered via creative “hooks” that your target audience will definitely like
Commercial, educational, presentation videos. We write scripts and edit videos that engage and evoke a positive response
Creating a unique brand fragrance
Creating an audio logo
A unique fragrance at the point of sale and company office will create the right mood, extend the time spent in your space, put you in a brand position and help close the deal.
A sound association that will become an anchor in the unconscious part of the brain of your users and will set the right mood for interaction
About NEUROvision marketing & PR co
In each project, we apply the results of neuromarketing research.

We test hypotheses in our own neurolab, saving time and money for our clients by starting work on the real market. We use the scientific justifications that we exchange with fellow scientists.
Each employee of NEUROvision marketing & PR co has been trained in neurosciences at the best international institutions and regularly improves their skills.
We know for a fact that neuromarketing tools allow us to achieve the main goal of any modern company and help draw attention to your product.
This is the task we successfully complete with each client.
Neuromarketing can be used at any stage of the business:

  • Checking the response of the target audience to a potential product
  • Product analysis in the early stages of market launch
  • Analysis of a working product to strengthen the marketing strategy
  • Launching an existing product into new markets
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