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Why NEUROmarketing?
Unconscious reactions
The subconscious mind processes 95% of the information and works in the background. Always.
99% accuracy
Only 10 people are needed for a 95% accurate result. 30 people - 99%.
Precise semantic message
When your audience perceives your message fast the way you intended, your company instantly improves its performance.
Without hypotheses
Scientific research shows exactly what your customers are responding to.
Efficiency up to 100%
The consumer makes a decision in a split second. We manage the effectiveness of the first second of interaction.
Deep dive into the needs of the target audience increases sales, engagement and customer loyalty.
At the level of instincts
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Who needs neuromarketing research
Neuromarketing helps businesses develop at different stages of work
Successful start
Marketing strategy


Product line



Delivering meanings

Potential customer response rate

Recommendations for increasing conversion

Business scaling and relocation
New niche

Expansion of target audience segments

New product launch

Entering new markets

Strengthening market positions
Change of position


Increase loyalty and sales

Customer cost reduction

Increasing conversions of advertising campaigns

The effectiveness of neuromarketing tools

Distortion of analysis results in classical marketing reaches 80%.
It does not show the exact reason for consumer behavior, because it only works with the analytical part of the brain.
Our strong belief is that consumer preferences which are identified incorrectly typically complicate communication and entail financial costs.

Neuromarketing research allows us to understand the motivation of consumer behavior based on the work of their subconscious.

The impulses of the brain and body give an unambiguous reaction. Conclusions are made on the basis of scientific data. Without distortion.

80% of the UAE market comes from other countries. To discover all the features of the perception of the product due to the difference in mentalities, classical marketing requires conducting surveys with hundreds of respondents.

In neuromarketing, only 30 respondents are enough to get a result with an accuracy of up to 99%.

The brain at the subconscious level does not have a large number of options for reactions. Therefore, different mentalities do not prevent us from understanding what content will make the audience want to buy a product or make them more loyal to the company.
  • Emotions when visiting the site for the first time

  • Readability of semantic messages in the text

  • Custom Scripts While Browsing

  • UI / UX: determining user behavior on the site: what they pay attention to, what elements and blocks they like, what causes negative emotions
  • Video concept testing

  • Identification of scenes in a video series that evoke emotions, interest and involvement

  • Impact of individual episodes and video replay
  • UI / UX: user perception of the application, how easy it is to use and navigate it

  • Userflow: we ease the performing tasks in the application by identifying "blind spots" that are incomprehensible to the interaction of elements

  • Analysis of emotional engagement, reactions to colors and visual content
  • Reading semantic messages from text and visual content in advertising

  • Emotional response to creative advertising, identifying the most effective advertising options

  • Analysis of user emotions when switching from advertising to the site, compliance with expectations, recommendations for increasing conversions
  • We analyze trade and exhibition premises, urban space

  • Visibility of specific products, signs, advertising banners

  • Identification of the emotional response and level of attention of visitors
Product packaging
  • The order of distribution of attention by packaging elements: what elements are noticeable, what the buyer does not see

  • Analysis of emotions for color and design solutions in packaging

  • Comparison of packaging visibility at a real point of sale compared to competitors
Video games
  • Player engagement level, identifying scenes with positive and negative feedback

  • UI / UX: analysis of intuitiveness and convenience of interaction with the game interface

  • Emotional response to game characters, colors and graphics
Blockchain projects
  • UI / UX: analysis of the intuitiveness of using the site / application

  • Userflow: we ease the performing tasks in the application by identifying "blind spots" that are incomprehensible to the interaction of elements

  • The degree of involvement and emotional response from the use of the product, recommendations for increasing conversions
  • Testing the emotional response when the user is inside the metaverse

  • Distribution of attention: which elements are visible, which are not obvious

  • Intuitive interaction with virtual space
Educational videos
  • Analysis of involvement in the process of taking the course

  • Identification of boring, incomprehensible and interesting lessons

  • Emotional response to the speaker, learning platform and recommendations to increase the reach to the end of the training
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